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first day of summer vacation


It’s funny going through these photos, since they were taken back in June. It was the first weekend of summer vacation, and I had just said goodbye to my amazing students the day prior. (Including a very emotional hug with a 5th grader – we had really connected over the past five years, and she was sad to be leaving me to go to the middle school! So sweet!)

The first day of summer vacation is always bittersweet. I really love my job, and tend to get this empty feeling inside. Do any other teachers experience this? I also wonder, “What will I do every day while Dave is at work?”



But then that quickly fades when I realize how awesome it is to sleep in late, make my own schedule each day, work on craft projects, travel, and enjoy the sunshine/warm weather!

I like to take time in the summer to recharge and come up with new lesson plans too. I don’t think any teacher is 100% content with how they do their job, since there is always room for improvement!



I also like the summer since I can wear clothes that might be slightly too short for the classroom, like this adorable mint green polka dot halter!  At first I thought the bow details might be too youthful, but I think it all works.

I can’t believe that this is my first blog post in these wedge sandals, since I practically live in them.  I got them about a year ago at Marshall’s, and I’ll bet you won’t be able to guess the brand!


Dr. Scholl’s!

I couldn’t believe that a brand I associated with old lady shoes has some really cute styles.  And the best part is that they are SO comfortable! (hence the fact that they are my go-to shoes in the summer)




Just sneaking in a photo of Dave before I wrap up the post – it was a test shot, and I think he looks really cute! (even though it kind of looks like he is about to sneeze, hehe).


Plus, he’s wearing a sweet Metroid shirt from Uniqlo!  BTW, I currently can’t stop playing Samus Returns on the 3DS – though it’s not surprising, since I always tend to obsess over Metroid games.


Hope you are all having a fantastic week!



Dress: Hell Bunny Mint Jolene Halter via Hot Topic
Sunglasses: Charming Charlie Backpacking Surf Rider Shades
Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s Mashup via Marshall’s (also available here)
Hair: Forever 21


down by the station



Back in August 2015 I took some photos at Depot Park in Bedford, MA.   I love this location at the end of the Minuteman Bike Trail mostly because of the vintage passenger car that’s parked there.  It was once part of an old Boston commuter line which ran for over 100 years from 1873-1977.

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