down by the station



Back in August 2015 I took some photos at Depot Park in Bedford, MA.   I love this location at the end of the Minuteman Bike Trail mostly because of the vintage passenger car that’s parked there.  It was once part of an old Boston commuter line which ran for over 100 years from 1873-1977.




After a fairly snowless season, we have finally started getting some typical New England snowstorms.  At work, we have had two delayed openings, a snow day last Thursday, and another one today.

As you would guess, this past weekend was the perfect opportunity to take some snowy photos!  We had plans to meet up with Sara and her boyfriend Cody for burgers and shopping on Saturday, so we left a little early to snap some pics.

 photo bedford-train-gif_1.gif




I wore a gorgeous 1940s style Emily and Fin dress that I bought at Modern Millie Shop in Salem.  This was one that I almost left on the rack, but Sara (and the shop employees) convinced me it was worth the price tag.  They were right!  This dress is in pretty consistent rotation 🙂


I paired it with a little coral wristlet along with some sweet accessories – thin gold belt, bee necklace, and feather bobby pin.




Hope you have a fabulous Monday! 🙂



Dress:  Emily & Fin Charlotte Dress in Whimsical Bloom via Modern Millie Shop
Shoes:  Beyond Skin Amelia via clothing swap
Wristlet:  Coach Outlet
Necklace:  Jo-Ann Fabrics
Fleece-Lined Tights:  Marshall’s
Hair:  Forever 21
Belt:  source unknown

1 thought on “down by the station

  1. SaraLily

    What can I say, I know what is best for your wardrobe!!

    SO fun spending Saturday with you and Dave. If the area was prettier, I would have totally planned to take more photos together but oh well – we can do more of that come spring or if we ever get up to the ice castles 😉



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