About Me

DSC_0671-sunny no sweatshirt

Hey there!  I’m an elementary music teacher, and love getting dressed up for school!  I created this blog to share some of the things I wear to work or on the weekend.

In case you were wondering…

Your blog is called “Dressing With Class.” Are you a classy person?   No, but I like puns!  (I’m a teacher…class…get it?!)

Where are the pictures taken?  Most of them are taken in and around Boston.  I just LOVE this city!

Who takes the photos?  Usually, my husband (Dave) is the photographer.  When I first started this blog, I took all of them.  I had my trusty camera, tripod, and remote which helped a lot (you may even see me holding the remote in some of the pics).  Oh, and I used to get funny looks from some of the other people in my apartment complex who couldn’t quite figure out what I was doing!

Costumes?  Yes!  I just love making myself costumes.  In addition to Halloween, Dave and I are cosplayers.  Every once in a while you might see some of our costumes here on the blog!


Where do you buy your clothes?  I don’t like to spend too much on clothing, so I typically shop at places like Forever21, H&M, Target, Primark, Marshall’s, and other lower-cost retailers.  When I feel like treating myself, I might grab some coupons and hit up Modcloth or Macy’s when there’s a sale!

Do you follow fashion trends?  Yes and no.  I love fashion, and am glued to the computer during Fashion Week!  I watercolor paint fashion illustrations, and window shop at fancy pants designer clothing stores.  However, I don’t consider myself fashionable, nor do I try to wear anything that is.  If something I wear ends up being “fashionable” by current standards, consider it a coincidence!

I like to dress in clothing that makes me feel good, or makes me smile.


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