planes, trains (no automobiles)

I told you I’d be back with another hat post!  I have to apologize in advance for the excessive number of photos.  Dave and I took these in Bedford at Depot Park – it’s located at one end of the Minuteman Bikeway, which runs 11 miles all the way to Cambridge (which by the way is AMAZING for skateboarding since it is completely paved and not that crowded).

DSC_0955-small cropDSC_0949-small crop

Located at Depot Park is this incredible vintage passenger car from an old  Boston commuter line.  It has been restored and even has a little railway museum inside!

I adore the history of Boston and the surrounding towns.  I was never a fan of history in school, but now as an adult I just love visiting landmarks where major historical events took place.  This bikeway follows the route that Paul Revere took during his famous midnight ride.  Incredible, right?


Also incredible: the airplane print on this ModCloth dress 🙂  Although featuring a modern print, I feel very old-fashioned in this outfit… it!

And of course, I just HAD to make an airplane necklace to match.  This one was a super quick DIY, since I used a cheap charm I purchased at Michael’s.  Do you ever make your own jewelry?  If so, I’d love to see!


Oh, and guess what?!?! I finally joined the rest of the world and made an Instagram account.  I am not the best with social media, but I know a lot of people love using Instagram to keep up with bloggers, so I figured I should offer that convenience to my readers!

whats in the look-small

08-05-15Dress:  ModCloth On a Barrel Roll Dress in Navy
Shoes:  Aldo Stromquist
Hat:  Goorin Bros.  Allison Cloche (same hat, different ribbon)
Watch:  Fossil
Bag:  Fossil Vintage Bucket Camera Bag
Necklace:  made by me 🙂 (using a charm from Michael’s)

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      Oh Wida, thanks so much! It’s fun seeing you over here on my other blog 🙂 Hope all is well with you!

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