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twirly girly

 photo twirly-gif.gif
Not the best gif, but you get the idea ūüôā

Dave and I were walking around MIT last weekend (actually, we made a special trip to that area of town for the sole purpose of getting a doughnut at Flour…but I digress…), and stopped to take some pics. ¬†The trees around here still look a bit bare, but it’s awesome to start to see a few flowers.

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minute man


My in-laws were visiting two weeks ago, so we all decided to head over to the Minute¬†Man National Historical Park. ¬†I was thrilled because it was¬†warm and sunny for most of the morning. ¬†I wore this floral and striped dress…it’s¬†super comfy and feels like you are wearing a big t-shirt!

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clean up after your pet


This look is basically a twist or variation of the outfit I posted last Wednesday.  Sleeveless dress + top + tights + belt + fun necklace = awesome.

This is my new favorite place in my apartment complex to take photos. ¬†It’s also where the pics were taken for this post. ¬†However, there’s a lovely sign off to the side….check it out:

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