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happy birthday, dressing with class blog!

DSC_1271-blogiversary small

Woohoo, the day is here!  I started this blog one year ago, and I am so thrilled with its progress over the last 365 days.  I’m sure if you head over to my early posts, you will agree that I have improved – and much of that is because I was able to convince my husband to go out and take photos with me! 🙂

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but our princess is in another castle!


This past weekend, Dave and I stopped by our friend Linley’s after grabbing some tasty lunch nearby (thanks for letting me use your bathroom to get changed! lol).  She lives in Somerville near Powder House Square, which is also right by Nathan Tufts Park.

The park has a lovely stone mill – which was later used to store gunpowder in the mid 1700s – and we feel it has a very castle-like look (which is why I chose to use this location for this particular outfit)

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Hey folks!

I am approaching my blog’s first birthday, so I wanted to celebrate with a giveaway!  Do you remember the AMAZING Betsey Johnson purse from my New Year’s Eve outfit?



I ended up getting two so that I would have an extra to give away!  It is brand new with tags (still in the original bag), and retails for $128!  It is no longer available, so this might be your only chance to get one  🙂

I’m hosting the giveaway on Instagram, so please follow me there (@dressingwithclassblog) to enter.

If you would like an extra entry, leave a comment below!  Just make sure that you enter on IG first.  I will announce the winner on January 28th, Dressing With Class’ official birthday!

tea for two (thousand sixteen)


(pssst….at the end of this post, I have included some photos from my UK TV appearance!)

On New Year’s Eve, Dave and I went to the Boston Public Library for their holiday tea service!  We have had their afternoon tea twice before and really enjoyed it, so we were excited to see that there was a special holiday menu.

Of course, we first checked out the pre-First Night festivities, such as the ice sculptures and Keytar Bear 🙂

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here’s to another lousy millennium


Wow, this is the second post I’ve done with a Futurama quote in the title (psst…here’s the first).  And yes – I know that we did not just enter a new millennium 🙂

Futurama is one of my favorite shows – it is hilarious and clever, and full of science jokes.  I have watched every episode multiple times, and even cosplayed as Leela for Comic Con a few years ago.

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(sorry, this was supposed to go up yesterday!)

Happy New Year’s Eve! (and Happy Birthday to my dad!)

Fun fact…what started out as a resolution to organize my closet quickly became this blog you are reading right now!  You see, I am not big on New Year’s Resolutions.  I think you should try to better yourself year-round, and it’s silly to attempt to “fix” things about yourself on a predetermined date.  However, my closet was getting worse and worse – I’m terribly messy – and it was about time to do something about it.
So I downloaded the Stylebook App and started to log everything in my closet (no, this is not a sponsored post).  Well anyway, that turned into me using the app to create outfits, which turned into me taking pics of the outfits, which then became this blog!

I know I’m not winning any “best blog” awards here, and I probably only have 5 readers (hi!), but it has been fun working on it this past year.  I hope to continue posting regularly in 2016!

To celebrate the end of my first blog year, I decided to showcase my favorite look from each month.  Here goes!



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