Monthly Archives: July 2016

outfit for adventure



Today I have another look for you from my recent vacation at the Jersey Shore!  (My last post actually featured pics I took while on the boardwalk in Atlantic City.)  Every year Dave and I try to get down to NJ because his family always rents a house down the shore.  It’s a nice relaxing week hanging out by the beach, and we absolutely love it!

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ultimate vegas outfit



Hey guys!  I was recently inspired by and their #ultimatevegasoutfit challenge to share how I would style my look for a day in Las Vegas.  I love the challenge because I have only been to Vegas once, and it was when I was 19 – I have been dying to go back since I turned 21 (which was quite a long time ago, haha!)

I’m not a big gambler, but I definitely rock the penny slot machines alongside the grandmas 🙂

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do I love metroid? YEAH



Are you familiar with the Metroid series of games?  They feature Samus Aran, a bounty hunter who protects the galaxy by defeating aliens.  You know, just a typical day for a young woman in space 🙂

I have always loved playing the games, so I decided to honor them with this look!

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Hey folks!

If you thought my last post had a lot of family pics, brace yourselves for this one…it’s a doozy!  Don’t worry yourselves though – I’m not going to be doing many posts like these.  It’s just that we have had a few family get-togethers in the last few weeks, and I love getting to see everyone!  (they are rare since we live at least 2 states away from our nearest family members).

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