Monthly Archives: March 2015

the snowiest year

DSC_0461-small DSC_0478-small

I actually took these photos a few weeks ago- and although my face may look happy, I’m pretty sure I was thinking, “oh gosh, more snow!?!”  You see, we had record-breaking snowfall this year.  It started out nice and all, but the folks in the northeast quickly grew tired of it.  Now only the sad remains exist: piles of dirt and salt covered, icy, unwanted snow.  It’s gross 😦

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straight up


I love when I straighten my hair- it doesn’t happen too frequently though, since it takes a long time…and I’m lazy.  But when it’s straight, I can run my hands through it, and brush it, plus it looks more red! (I imagine that’s because my curly hair creates shadows, and the mousse I use darkens the color a bit too).

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