the bob ross dress


Ever since I first saw this dress on ModCloth, I have referred to it as the “Bob Ross Dress.” The mountains…the fluffy clouds…the happy little trees…this thing has “Bob Ross” written all over it.  All it needs is his signature in the lower corner, done in some thinned-down red paint.



I have always enjoyed watching episodes of The Joy of Painting, and Dave and I still watch reruns to this day.

So when I was picking out outfits for the Craft and Hobby trade show I went to back in January, I knew this would be the perfect dress due to its artistic flair.  Dave tagged along with me to the show, and we had some time to scoot away from the Altenew booth to check out the floor.



As we turned around the first corner, I squealed with delight.

“OMG – A Bob Ross booth!!”

Instead of trying to explain how magical the moment was, I’ll show you the photos Dave snapped with his phone:



There I was…surrounded by the very mountains, clouds, and trees that drove the purchase of this dress.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect moment (though the two gentlemen running the booth founds my actions and excitement a little odd)




Instead of wearing the dress with a cardi like I did at the trade show, this past weekend I decided to layer it with a top underneath.  I love how versatile sleeveless dresses are, with more than one way to style them.

I adore little peter pan collars, however I don’t have any black shirts with one.  So I did what any other crafty gal would do – I sewed one!  I love how it makes my cheap $10 t-shirt look a lot more fancy!

If you want more info on the pattern I used for the collar and the sizing adjustments I made, please check out this post.



Dress:  ModCloth Festive Frondescence A-Line Dress in Alpine
Shirt:  H&M
Collar:  made by me 🙂  (using Simplicity 1727)
Fleece-Lined Tights:  Marshall’s
Shoes:  Madden Girl
Belt:  made by me 🙂

3 thoughts on “the bob ross dress

  1. haveclotheswilltravel

    That is such a happy little dress, Jen! I love it! And Bob Ross makes me so happy. I used to love watching his show. That is just absolutely perfect you stumbled on that booth!!

    I also love how you paired your dress with your black top underneath the dress – it looks like a completely different dress!

    Hope you’re having a great week! 🙂



    1. jenniferrzasa Post author

      Thanks so much, Lindsey! I think a lot of people around our age grew up watching Bob Ross…love him! 🙂

      On Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 12:26 AM, Dressing With Class wrote:



  2. SaraLily

    Oh my gosh, the pictures from the show are the best. That booth is so funny!! it was made for you to pose with it in this dress. I love that you added the collar – it looks so cute under the dress!



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