it’s showtime!

I had such a fun time posing for these photos! Dave and I LOVE Halloween, and have been working on decorations for our front porch. He had this awesome idea to separate a skeleton and have him shackled up in two halves, as if he got pulled apart medieval rack-style.

For my outfit, I went with this fun green and black striped dress that makes me think of Beetlejuice. I think it’s because he wears vertical stripes, and his hair is green. I recently snagged this on Amazon for only $16.99! It looks like it’s up to $25 now, but it’s still a bargain.

I love that the pussy bow is sweet and feminine, but green and black is quite ghoulish. Such a fun juxtaposition!

I accessorized with a cute little bow headband and some super old heels with thick straps. I didn’t realize until looking at these photos how badly these guys needed shoe polish! Oops!

I also wore a sandworm (from Beetlejuice) pin, but it’s so small you can’t see it very well. If you keep scrolling, you’ll get a better look at it as well as my spooky eyeliner 🙂

This “book” is actually a purse! Isn’t it cool? This is not the first time I have pretended to read a purse in a blog post, lol. Again, this is a reference to Beetlejuice.

Dave and I live in a 2 family house, and our neighbors upstairs also love Halloween! These next few images showcase their half of the porch. I love that they decked it all out with spiderwebs and although not seen here, they have a few hanging ghouls.

And here is the adorable sandworm pin I mentioned earlier. Of course, I had to top off the look with it! Dave got it for me a year or so ago from Mondo.

I hope to have at least one more post up before Halloween. See you then! 🙂

tea party birthday (#2!) & butterick 5748 review

When I turned 34, the only thing I wanted was a tea party with my besties! You can read more about our elegant afternoon at the Boston Public Library’s tea room here.

Now that I’m 38 (insert shocked face here!), I thought a great way to celebrate would be to have a few people over for an at-home tea party. Unfortunately, Covid prevented me from inviting all of my gal pals over, but I was thrilled to enjoy the company of my friends Meghan and Sara, along with my hubby, Dave!

Having the tea party at my house meant that I could create the menu of my dreams! Although I love a good cucumber or egg salad finger sandwich, I decided to shake things up and have little classy towers with veggie sushi. That kind of counts as a finger sandwich, right? It was also a great opportunity to use our elegant metal chopsticks – check out the place setting in the gallery above. (Fun fact…although we got married 14 years ago, this was only the second time we have used the fine china that we had registered for way back then!)

We also served roast beef sandwiches on mini pretzel rolls, tiny turkey sandwiches with brie and apple, as well as an assortment of mini quiches. We picked up the tea from MEM Tea in Somerville. It was nice to support a local business, plus the tea was really tasty!

We also snacked on little bundt cakes (from Nothing Bundt Cakes), fresh fruit, and pumpkin chocolate cupcakes that Sara brought over. Everything was so yummy!

For music, I curated a special playlist on Spotify. It was all very classy, instrumental music with some pieces performed on piano and others by a string quartet. About an hour into the tea party, one of the girls said, “Wait – is this I Want It That Way?” Why yes, it certainly was! The playlist was full of classical covers of 90s pop, rock, punk, alternative, and hip hop songs.

I have a nicely growing collection of fascinators, so I was happy to offer the girls some elegant headwear for the afternoon (and before you say anything, yes – we do have a weird lamp of a boy playing the aulos – there is a story behind that which I won’t delve into now…but please know that I love him! lol)

I wore a dress that I actually sewed over a year ago. I’m pretty sure that I got the fabric from Hobby Lobby, and the pattern was a re-release of a vintage 1960 Butterick Pattern. BUTTERICK PATTERNS B5748 Misse/Misse Petite Dress, Size E5  (14-16-18-20-22) : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

It was SUCH an easy dress to sew, but it does suck up a lot of fabric due to the long, full skirt. Although I didn’t wear one, I’m sure this would look incredible with a full petticoat underneath!

The only slightly tricky bit was the notched front in the bodice, but mostly because I can be a perfectionist with that stuff and I didn’t want even the slightest pucker. If I can find the scraps of this fabric that I’m pretty sure I have stashed somewhere, I hope to make one of the little bows you see on the pattern envelope. I think I would only do the one on the front since I wouldn’t want one jamming in my back when I sit down.

And if I sew on a little pin back onto the bow instead of sewing it directly onto the dress, I can have the option to wear it or leave it off.

I’m so happy that I was able to enjoy that special afternoon with my gals, and I hope to do it again soon – but with all of my ladies!

Thanks for stopping by!