march blizzard



First, I need to let you know there are a LOT of photos here. It was so much fun to pose during a blizzard, even though it was SO cold and wet! I was totally uncomfortable, but I powered through 🙂



A few weeks ago, the Boston area got hit with quite a bit of snow. Of course I was home from school, and Dave was encouraged by his boss to work from home. Right after lunch, I asked Dave if he minded taking some photos out in the snow.



Thankfully he was willing to give it a try, so I put on this beautiful Unique Vintage dress and some red lipstick. (which I had the confidence to wear after my recent at-home teeth whitening! Check out my last post for more info, and click here for a chance to win a whitening kit!)


Can we talk about this dress for a second?

The color is the perfect shade of burgundy, which I think would work for any skin tone, it hugs the waist for a nice hourglass effect, and the material is super stretchy so it is quite comfy.

It’s a liiiiiiitle low cut for my taste, but nothing inappropriate! I can deal with showing a little extra skin, lol. (however this is NOT a dress for school!)

DSC_0887-small cropDSC_0915-small

I picked it up at Modern Millie Shop in Salem, and as always was having a hard time deciding whether or not I should get it. Also (as always), my buddy Sara and the ladies in the shop encouraged me to go for it. THANKS GIRLS!

I really would have been sad if I went home without this beauty.

DSC_0918-small crop



cold arms, haha

I’ll leave you with my magical snow globe moment, which Dave perfectly captured:




Dress: Unique Vintage Delores Swing Dress via Modern Millie Shop
Fleece-Lined Tights: Primark
Boots: Indigo by Clarks Cedar Street


hello red lipstick! at-home teeth whitening review

*This post is in collaboration with Smile Brilliant. All opinions are 100% my own, and I am not being compensated for this review.

I would say that in general, I have good looking teeth. I never needed braces growing up, and often get complimented on how straight they are.

However, when I was in high school I noticed that my lovely straight teeth were yellow. I was never concerned with how I looked, but for some reason it bothered me. I was a super happy person who always smiled, and I wanted to make sure my smile was something I was proud of. I told my dentist and he recommended an at-home whitening treatment. In the office they took molds of my teeth and mailed me custom trays. I used the whitening gel they sent me, and had to wear the trays overnight. It was kind of a pain, and I remember experiencing a lot of sensitivity, but the treatment worked! I had nice pearly whites 🙂


Fast forward to present day…I was recently contacted by Smile Brilliant to try out their home whitening system. It made me assess my teeth again, and although not as yellow as when I started out in high school, they definitely were no longer the bright white that they became after my whitening. I drink coffee or tea every day, and staining is bound to occur!

I was excited about the opportunity to whiten my teeth again, especially since it has been 18 years since I did it last! (Wow! I feel old!).


Sana, the representative I worked with, was really awesome. She gave me all the info I needed and was always available to answer any questions I had. When I received my kit I was happy to see that the instructions for creating the molds were so clear, with photos to help you get good impressions. The whole process only took a few minutes, and then I put them into the included (pre-paid) envelope to get mailed to Smile Brilliant.


My completed mold.

When I received my custom trays, they looked EXACTLY like the ones I remember from high school. I popped them in my mouth and it was a perfect fit! I was very impressed with the quality.



The whitening process was so easy. Instead of wearing the trays overnight, I only wore them for an hour and 20 minutes. They recommend 45 minutes – 3 hours per session, so it seemed like a good amount of time. Even though the trays were comfortable, after about an hour I was very aware of the fact that I was wearing them and wanted them out! I also experienced a bit of sensitivity, but Smile Brilliant includes desensitizing gel to help alleviate it.

It didn’t take many sessions for me to notice a difference in the color of my teeth, and although my results aren’t so drastic (I was starting off with fairly white teeth anyway), I think it’s easy to see that they definitely got whiter! I have leftover whitening gel too, so I plan on doing touch ups when needed.

Before and after whitening.

As you might have noticed, I don’t often wear lipstick – especially red. I never liked how red lipstick seemed to make my teeth look yellow (I know that the cooler shades will diminish this effect, but I still always notice it!). Once my teeth were whitened, the first thing I wanted to do was slap on some red lipstick!

I put on a dress, did my makeup, grabbed Dave, and dragged him out in a blizzard for photos. White teeth + red lipstick + white snow + burgundy dress…a perfect combination! Be on the lookout for the rest of the photos in a future post!



Enter here to win $149 credit to Smile Brilliant so you can start whitening at home! If you want to give it a try, you can also use the code dress15 for 15% off.

The giveaway is open for 1 week, and is open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents.

Tooth Whitening Gel

enjoying nature in savannah


DSC_0347-small fixed size

In February, Dave and I took a road trip down to Florida to visit my family (and go to Disney!). On the way, we spent a night in Savannah, GA – such a pretty city!

In the morning before we completed our drive to Orlando, we stopped by the Wormsloe Historic Site. This gorgeous view through the trees was too amazing to pass up, so we stopped for some photos.



There were about 7 or 8 other groups of people trying to take photos at the same time, which made it challenging for me! People were polite and took turns, but I had to pose in front of a large group. So stressful!

The other problem was that this is an actual road, so once people were done with their pictures they hopped in their cars and drove on through. Timing was a bit difficult, but luckily my body was able to block the view of the vehicles once they got about halfway through.


I love the view at the entrance, with the hauntingly beautiful Spanish moss visible through the gate.

There were some lovely flowering trees too – I just wish I knew what they were!



My new butterfly collar from Magnus Clothing seems right at home among the trees! It wasn’t a coincidence that I chose to wear it that day 🙂 Ever since I got it, I have been trying it out with different tops/dresses. It really gives a fresh look to otherwise simple clothing!

I have a few more posts planned from our vacation, so be on the lookout for some  warm-weather outfits 🙂




Dress: H&M
Collar: Magnus Clothing Butterfly Collar
Belt: Modern Millie Shop (brand unknown)
Sunglasses: Modern Millie Shop (brand unknown)
Shoes: L.L. Bean