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a nice day for an ice day



Hey folks!  I’m back with an icy post that (I hope) will mark the end of winter and the start of warmer weather.  Hey – it was actually in the 60s this week in Boston, so anything’s possible!

(although I actually spent the past 7 days in Florida…more on that to come in a future post!)



These photos were taken at the Ice Castles in New Hampshire, located almost 2 hours from our apartment. For someone who HATES being cold, that was quite a long distance to travel. However, I was with Dave and our friends Sara (from In a Nutshell Blog) and Cody – so I knew it would be a fun trip no matter what!




I knew I had to bundle up, so I wore this beautiful plaid skirt, boots, and a turtleneck.  Of course I also threw on some fleece-lined tights.  A girl’s gotta stay warm! To accessorize, I went with my Charming Charlie cello purse. It reminded me of one of those things that guys wear over their kilts.

I actually went ahead and looked up what those things are. They are called sporrans, and are essentially little purses that men use since the kilts are typically pocketless. Fun fact! 🙂



It wouldn’t be a trip with Sara without photos together, so we made sure to snap a few. She wore the perfect skirt for our outdoor adventure – you can read more over on her blog.

Sara seemed less cold than I was, so I thought maybe I could use her for some warmth. I went in for a sneak attack hug, which clearly threw her off guard:


Here’s a gif of the encounter for full effect:


Good thing Dave didn’t stop taking photos! (and thanks Sara – I stole the gif from your blog!)



Although I thought the Ice Castles were pretty cool (ha! no pun intended!), I was slightly underwhelmed. I think I imagined they would be HUGE, towering walls of ice, when in reality most of the structure wasn’t that high at all. Maybe the word “castles” threw me off.

That being said, it was so much fun to walk around through the icy mazes, slipping on the ground as we went along.


(The next pic is just because Dave likes to make a funny face in every photo I take of him. Love it!)


After the Ice Castles, we headed back south and warmed up with some food and drinks at The Last Chair, a restaurant we found on the way. Once we were full of pretzels, mac and cheese, and pizza, we drove back to Massachusetts. Any day that ends with warm cheesy food is a great day for sure!







(this one’s my favorite – love you, hun!)




Top: Energie via Kohl’s
Skirt: c/o Stylewe
Fleece-Lined Tights: Primark
Boots: Madden Girl via Macy’s (also here)
PurseCharming Charlie Melodic Cello Crossbody


cold and awkward


Yep, that definitely sums up my life – cold and awkward.

These photos were taken a few weeks ago in Salem during an outing with Sara and Cody. We love those guys so much, so it’s always a blast when we get together.  The plan was to hit up an exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum, then visit one of our favorite clothing shops, Modern Millie.


Sara was kind enough to take some photos of me, but I will admit to being the worst model!  Once the coat came off, I couldn’t stop shivering (and complaining, lol).  My nose got red, my eyes were watery, and I was getting self-conscious as people were walking by.  Augh.

Luckily (and likely because she is a good photographer/pose coach), we managed to get a few good ones.SARA5397-smallSARA5441-sma

This dress was actually a birthday gift from Sara, and my second Bernie Dexter! This style is the Rachel, and although the same size as my Kelly (XS), this one fits a lot smaller – which is good since my Kelly is a bit big. Ideally though, I think I would want one right in between the two.  More fitted than the Kelly, with a bit more breathing room than the Rachel (ha!). Funny that the sizes vary so much within the same brand!


We had a great time at the museum.  I had been dying to see an exhibit titled, “It’s Alive! Classic Horror and Sci-Fi Art from the Kirk Hammett Collection.”

Kirk Hammett?! I have been a HUGE Metallica fan since elementary school (my first two live shows were Metallica, who I saw in 5th and 6th grade).  I have seen them a bunch of times since then, and although they had a few misses (St. Anger? lol), I have remained a fan.  Kirk Hammett is the lead guitarist for the band, so I knew it was an exhibit I couldn’t miss. Plus, I love the aesthetic of the whole horror movie genre.

The exhibit did not disappoint!




Sara and I posed outside of Modern Millie too, before we headed in to shop.  I bought two ADORABLE dresses that I can’t wait to share here!  Until then, you can check out Sara’s post from our day in Salem.



DressBernie Dexter Rachel Green Bees Waitress Dress
Purse Charming Charlie Music Bars Crossbody
ShoesBeyond Skin Amelia
Fleece-Lined Tights: Primark
Necklace:  Jo-Ann Fabrics

first day of summer vacation


It’s funny going through these photos, since they were taken back in June. It was the first weekend of summer vacation, and I had just said goodbye to my amazing students the day prior. (Including a very emotional hug with a 5th grader – we had really connected over the past five years, and she was sad to be leaving me to go to the middle school! So sweet!)

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diy pixel dress

I think this is the best garment I have ever made.

I still consider myself on the beginner side of intermediate when it comes to sewing, since I have followed commercial patterns and not much else.  But I felt as though my skills got a little more refined with this one, since I adapted a pattern, and had to deal with print matching (a new concept for me!).

It all started when I found this incredible pixel fabric, and knew it would be perfect for a dress to wear to PAX East (on our non-cosplay day).  For some reason, I see it as a floral print – but maybe I’m just imagining things? 🙂


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