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So sorry for my week of absence!  Things have been crazy with school starting, my grandmother’s 90th birthday party in New York, then I got sick, and then I broke off a chunk of one of my wisdom teeth….augh.  (After a visit to the dentist and then to the oral surgeon, it was decided to get that bad boy extracted – a fun thing to look forward to for next week! haha)

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planes, trains (no automobiles)

I told you I’d be back with another hat post!  I have to apologize in advance for the excessive number of photos.  Dave and I took these in Bedford at Depot Park – it’s located at one end of the Minuteman Bikeway, which runs 11 miles all the way to Cambridge (which by the way is AMAZING for skateboarding since it is completely paved and not that crowded).

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an oldie but goodie


When we were in Florida last week, we rented a house for a few days in Vero Beach.  I was so excited that they had bikes available!  Sadly, these pictures are as far as I got with the bicycle…tough to tell in the picture, but the temperature was in the 90s and the humidity made it feel like I was riding in someone’s mouth.  Yuck.

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apologies for the wrinkles


Hey there!  Sorry it’s been so long.  I know I only had one post last week…bad blogger!  I took some time off to work on a project (sewing a new dress!).  Next week might not see much action here either, since we will be on vacation in Florida.   If I have a chance, I’ll try to pre-schedule some posts, but if not I’ll see you when I get back 🙂

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