apologies for the wrinkles


Hey there!  Sorry it’s been so long.  I know I only had one post last week…bad blogger!  I took some time off to work on a project (sewing a new dress!).  Next week might not see much action here either, since we will be on vacation in Florida.   If I have a chance, I’ll try to pre-schedule some posts, but if not I’ll see you when I get back 🙂

Augh- would you believe that I ironed this dress before I went out?  It’s true- I did!   I was shocked to see how wrinkly I was after I took these pictures.  Maybe it was the subway ride?


I really hate ironing, and have been considering getting a garment steamer.  Does anyone out there have one?  I would love to hear your opinions!  I’ll take any excuse to avoid traditional ironing  🙂DSC_0434-small DSC_0445-small

We took these photos in the Common after a delicious dinner at JM Curley.  Fried pickles, juicy burger….yum!DSC_0477-small


whats in the look-small

07-17-15Dress:  eShakti
Shoes:  Bakers
Sunglasses:  Fossil
Necklace:  source unknown (I purchased it from a little shop downtown)
Headband:  Claire’s

4 thoughts on “apologies for the wrinkles

  1. SaraLily

    Wrinkles sminkles, you look adorable!! Love the bright orange and blue. I have both a steamer and an iron. I started with a steamer and then got an iron. I found the steamer to be great but for thinks like hems or collars, I was dying for an iron. The steamer I have is a traveling steamer I found on Groupon by Sunbeam and I love it! It works really well on skirts that just need some love. It works especially well on silkier fabrics!


    1. jenniferrzasa Post author

      Thanks for the tips on the steamer, SaraLily! I’ll have to let you know when I get one. I’ll look into Sunbeam, and maybe I’ll luck out and stumble across a Groupon/other discount too 🙂


  2. Lindsey Puls (@HavClothWilTrav)

    Wrinkles or not, that dress is adorable! I have a couple dresses from eShakti that are a similar fabric and they seem to wrinkle no matter how much effort I put into ironing them. Sigh. I despise ironing too. I’d be curious to know which steamer you invest in! I’ve been thinking about getting one too, so I stop looking like I just rolled out of bed…when in reality I just couldn’t bring myself to spend another minute ironing. Haha. Have fun in Florida! If you get a chance before you leave or after you get back shoot me an email: Lindsey@have-clothes-will-travel.com I have a quick question for you. 🙂



    1. jenniferrzasa Post author

      Thank you Lindsey! I’m just starting my quest for a steamer, so I’ll let you know what I end up getting. I find it so difficult to iron dresses, especially the ones with extra seams and pleats, etc…I’m hoping a garment steamer is the answer.

      Once I saw your comment, I realized that my blog doesn’t have a contact me page – whoops! I’ll have to address that ASAP 🙂 Will email you now!



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