the watch that no one wanted


A little story:

About 3 months ago, Dave and I went into Nordstrom Rack and I saw the most amazing watch.  It was in the display case, so I had to grab an employee to check the price.  When I pointed out which one I wanted to see, he chuckled under his breath.  I said, “I know- this watch is ridiculous, but I love it!”  The man proceeded then to tell us that they have had it in stock for a while, and every time they do inventory the workers joke around about it.  It’s the watch that no one wanted…


Not only did they laugh about how long it has been in the case, they say that the watch looks at them.  In an evil way.  This all made me want the watch even more.   But the price:  $79 (I know, to normal people that is a reasonable amount of money to spend on a watch, but I’m very cheap!).  Sadly, I had him put the watch back in the case, and I quietly said goodbye to it. DSC_0511-small

Since that day, I went back 4 times to see if the price dropped, and it never did.  But if I didn’t buy that watch, no one would!  I was doing it a favor 🙂   DSC_0548-small

Are you ready to see it?  Here’s the watch that captured my heart (and gave evil stares to the Rack employees):


 photo DSC_0559--gif-test-small_1.gif

SO COOL!  Hopefully you can see the gif above…if not – the eyeball opens and closes.  Love it.  (fun fact:  All that time in the display case must have run out the battery.  I wore this watch all day even though the battery still needs to be replaced!).  Do you like it, or am I crazy?  🙂whats in the look-small

07-18-15Dress:  Teeze Me – Macy’s
Sunglasses:  Charming Charlie Backpacking Surf Rider Shades
Purse:  Fossil Vintage Bucket Camera Bag
Hair: It Girl Bobby Cool
Watch:  Kate Spade Metro Holographic Watch
Flip Flops: Payless

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