I am the one who knocks



Are you a fan of Breaking Bad?  Dave and I didn’t really discover the show until it was already in its 4th season.   So we did what any other Netflix junkie would do…marathon ALL of the episodes until we were all caught up!

I have to admit, it was amazing to get to watch as many episodes as we wanted each night, and it didn’t take too long for us to get through all 3 seasons.  After that, it was SO hard to wait a week between each episode!

If you’re not familiar with it, my shirt is a reference to a fast food restaurant from the series: Los Pollos Hermanos.  Bonus: it only cost me $3.  To continue with my themed outfit, I wore a homemade faux crystal bead bracelet as a nod to the blue you-know-what 🙂  And to top it all off, a hat from Goorin Bros.


Goorin made the hat that Bryan Cranston wore in the show…the Heisenberg hat!  Although this one is not the same style, I figured it was appropriate for the look.  Until this year, I was never really a hat person.  My husband’s ex-boss’s ex-roommate is the manager of the Goorin Bros. shop on Newbury Street, and when she moved to California (his ex-boss, not the manager) she gave me a few hats…score!  (gosh, that was a confusing sentence, haha!)


Oh, and I’ll be back on Wednesday with another hat outfit, so stay tuned! whats in the look-small07-21-15Shirt: Newbury Comics (similar)
Skirt:  Old Navy
Hat:  Goorin Bros. Black Straw Fedora (similar)
Shoes:  L.L. Bean
Bracelet: made by me 🙂
Sunglasses:  Target

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