hangin’ by the falls


Wow…is it fall already?

The crisp cool air, although refreshing, is making me dread putting away my adored summer dresses and sandals.  However, the one upside is I get to start wearing some old autumn favorites such as this short-sleeved sweater.

I feel very preppy when I wear it, and I think it’s something that the cool girls at school would have worn in the late ’90s (note: I was not one of the cool girls!  My closet was mostly Metallica and No Fear t-shirts, along with ill-fitting jeans…hehe)
DSC_0213-smallDSC_0219-smallWe have this cool waterfall not too far from our apartment, and it was fun to take some time after work the other day to check it out with Dave!  He was working from home that day, so I was glad we could stop by before it got too dark.
 photo waterfall-gif.gif

Yep, there’s my $14 Primark bag again!  I cannot wait to go back to that store when I have more time to dig around. I’m sure I’ll find some more deals!

I also want to point out my earrings in the next photo.  H&M had a set of letter earrings, and I couldn’t wait to see what words I could spell out!  (I only have one of each letter, and now I’m regretting not buying a second set).

My left ear has 3 earlobe piercings, and my right ear has 4, so I’d love to hear your suggestions on what words I should make!
DSC_0267-smallDSC_0301-smallDSC_0200-small DSC_0283-smallDSC_0286-small

whats in the look-small09-21-15
Top:  H&M
Skirt:  Forever 21
Bag:  Primark Black Laser Trim Satchel
Shoes:  R2 Ellsworth T-Strap Pump
Earrings:  H&M
Sunglasses: Fossil Kathleen Cat Eye
Bracelet:  source unknown

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