gangsta face


Right before the Super Bowl, we had a “Patriot’s Day” at work.  Too bad I’m not a football (or any sport for that matter) fan!  I didn’t have any Pat’s gear, so I just went ahead and wore red, white and blue.

DSC_0260-small DSC_0263-small DSC_0269-small DSC_0278-small

The snow has been crazy around here, and these pics were taken before it got absolutely insane!  There are snow piles everywhere, and driving has been tough- you just have to cross your fingers as you enter an intersection because you can’t see around them.

DSC_0292-small DSC_0302-smallDSC_0308-small(gangsta face)

whats in the look-small01-30-15Sweater: Old Navy
Jeans:  Lucky Charlie Skinny Jeans
Necklace:  Forever 21
Watch:  DKNY
Sunglasses: source unknown (from thrift store)
Headband:  Claire’s
Boots: Totes


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