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diy christmas dress


Well, I did it again.

Simplicity 1419, that is.

I have to admit. I’m a little embarrassed by the fact that I have sewn this pattern so many times.  Here, here, and two more that are not yet blogged.  And now here comes the fifth version!

Every time I make this dress, I adjust the pattern in some way. Here, I drafted a v-neckline for it, and switched to a full gathered skirt (instead of the pleated skirt it comes with).


I know this pattern so well that I no longer have to read the directions! It makes the dress come together much more quickly, and I can ensure that I won’t have any mistakes along the way.

I thought it would be funny to pose with this giant Lindt ball that a student got my for Christmas.  It’s filled with regular Lindt truffles – my students know me so well!  I love edible gifts 🙂


Dave and I took these photos on Christmas morning in NJ, where we were staying with his parents….and it was COLD!  Jeez, this seems to be the theme of the season, huh? (though when is it not?!?)

Just when I thought the Lindt ball was the best large prop I could pose with, I noticed the ornaments on the tree.  Woooh! Even better! 🙂 hehe


There is a cute little gazebo near the center of the town where they live, and it was the perfect backdrop. I adore the sweet garland and all of the lights. I’ll bet this looks lovely at night!


Dave and I had a wonderful Christmas, and if you celebrate I hope yours was good as well!  Keep scrolling for some detail shots of the dress, and I plan to be back with a new post soon 🙂




Dress: made by me 🙂  (Simplicity 1419 pattern and this fabric from Jo-Ann’s)
Petticoat: Butmoon via Amazon
Fleece-Lined Tights: Primark
Belt: made by me 🙂
Shoes: Payless Comfort Plus Karmen Pump


When Sara and I heard that Modern Millie Shop was going to have a holiday shopping party, we knew we had to go!  She has a lot of Christmas-themed outfits, and I wanted to wear a themed look as well.  The only problem was that I don’t have any clothes that are specifically for Christmas!

Then, I saw this adorable fabric at Jo-Ann’s and couldn’t resist. The silver, red and green are classic Christmas, and I love that the wreaths have holly and snowflakes.

I tried my best to match the print, starting with the full wreath at each side seam. Because of the darting in the pattern there was no way to get it perfect, but I thought it was a good effort:


I also matched the side seams on the skirt…


…which helped to conceal the pockets:


I thought I had everything measured out perfectly when I cut out my fabric, until I got to the zipper in the back.  I was SO bummed to discover that I was just a fraction of an inch off. 😦


When you look quickly you can’t really tell, but it sure is obvious on second inspection.

Do any of you sewists out there have tips for matching prints?


plaid with plaid



I can’t believe it’s almost 2017!  The end of the year is always crazy due to the holidays, and we have been spending our past few weekends meeting up with friends and family.  It’s certainly nice to catch up with everyone, but I wish we had just one day between now and New Year’s where we could relax at home and do nothing.

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I actually can’t take credit for the cuteness of this outfit.  I was eyeing this dress over on ModCloth a few months ago, and decided to check out the outfit inspiration they had on the item listing.  I saw an adorable photo of a girl wearing this dress paired with a mustard cardigan – so I immediately found the same cardi and added it to my cart.

Thanks so much, karen.biscopink for inspiring my look! 🙂

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