pax east, part 1


I’m warning you now- this post is A LOT different than my typical outfit posts!  Last weekend, my husband and I attended PAX East (Penny Arcade Expo)- a video game convention that is held in Boston every year. There are a few other locations too, so if you are interested in gaming you should look them up!

We are huge dorks, and attend PAX (as well as Comic Con, another convention) in costume.  If this is all new to you, go ahead and look up “cosplay” to learn more about it!

For this costume, I dressed up as Gum, a character from the game Jet Set Radio.  I LOVE the fun (almost futuristic) look of the costumes, and it’s crazy that I look so different with the makeup and blonde wig!!

image source


I made pretty much the entire costume from scratch.  I love to sew, and making costumes has given me the confidence to sew garments for day-to-day wear. Hopefully you will be seeing some of those on the blog soon.

***If you are interested in seeing a lot more photos of our costumes, as well as details on how I made them, please visit my other blog:  Our Change of Art***

You can also check out past costumes via these links…

PAX East ’15 (Beat and Gum from Jet Set Radio, revamped)
PAX East ’14 (Kat and Dante from Devil May Cry)
NYCC ’13 (Clobberella from Futurama)
PAX East ’13 (Gaige and Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2)
NYCC ’12 (Black Widow and Hawkeye from Marvel Comics)
PAX East ’12 (Beat and Gum from Jet Set Radio)
NYCC ’11 (Rogue and Gambit from Marvel Comics)
PAX East ’11 coming soon (Faith from Mirror’s Edge and Alex Mercer from Prototype)
NYCC ’10 coming soon (Domino and Deadpool from Marvel Comics)

whats in the look-small

DSC_0426-smallDress:  made by me 🙂  (Butterick 4443 pattern)
Turtleneck:  made by me 🙂  (Simplicity 1325 pattern)
Gloves:  made by me 🙂  (using pre-made costume gloves, orange felt, white fabric, and green bais tape)
Hat:  made by me 🙂  (no pattern was used)
Wig:  Amazon
Inline Skates:  Rollerblade (customized with paint and sculpted clay accents)

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