a flash back

DSC_0055-small DSC_0047-small

These pictures go waaay back.  Well, I guess not too far back, but I took them in January.  This day was like the calm before the storm- you know, before the 110+ inches of snow hit us!


Sorry I keep talking about the snow in my outfit posts, but I’m SO ready for it to be gone.  Maybe if I talk about it, it will melt faster?  (that doesn’t make sense, but one can hope!)

I just adore this dress – the bicycle print is fun, and I love the little pleats that help the skirt flare out.  Of course, I topped it off with a homemade elastic belt.  Even if you are not good at sewing, it’s an awesome beginner project, the materials only cost a few bucks, and I promise you will wear it all the time!  I have about 4 or 5 homemade belts, and I’m hoping to snag some more elastic soon so I can make them in every color.


Here I am, looking all cool and collected, then a huge gust of wind came by and this happened:


Augh.  Please come, Spring weather!

whats in the look-small

01-19-15Dress:  ModCloth (same dress, different print)
Shoes: Old Navy (similar)
Cardigan: (brand unknown…I’ll have to check and get back to you on this one)
Tights:  Xhilaration – Target
Belt: made by me 🙂
Headband: Claire’s

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