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anxious and excited



Hey folks!  Hope you are having a great week so far.

It’s that time of year again – back to school!  I always get anxious/excited near the end of August.  Anxious for yet another change in routine, but excited that I get to return to the job I love, work with my amazing colleagues, and see all of the kids that I have missed over the summer!!

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little swap, little swapaholics

DSC_0238 small

DSC_0264-small 2.jpg

By now you guys probably know how much I hate the cold weather…but I have to admit – autumn in Massachusetts is lovely!

Dave and I spent a sunny afternoon last week walking around the Minute Man National Historical Park, and although I was sad that most of the colorful leaves had already fallen to the ground, I was thrilled to enjoy the crisp air.

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a hair experiment


Have you ever seen those tutorials where you roll your hair up, tie the pieces with rags, and the result is gorgeous curls?

I’ve always been interested in the technique-  and I know I must sound crazy because I have naturally curly hair.  But sometimes I feel like my curls are erratic…unpredictable…frizzy…fluffy…it really all depends on the day.  So, I cut up an old t-shirt, and got to work.

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watch out for the bird poop


The title of this blog post?  That’s what my husband should have said before I grabbed the hand rail in this Montreal stair case!   Gross.

We had gone up to Canada so Dave and his parents could attend the Grand Prix.  I, however, spent the day with a friend of mine who lives just outside the city. I was a little disappointed to miss the race, but it was great to catch up with her!  We had a great time.

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the snowiest year

DSC_0461-small DSC_0478-small

I actually took these photos a few weeks ago- and although my face may look happy, I’m pretty sure I was thinking, “oh gosh, more snow!?!”  You see, we had record-breaking snowfall this year.  It started out nice and all, but the folks in the northeast quickly grew tired of it.  Now only the sad remains exist: piles of dirt and salt covered, icy, unwanted snow.  It’s gross 😦

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