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but she won’t discover that it’s him…


…’til chapter three!

Beauty and the Beast has always been my FAVORITE Disney movie! I have watched it so many times that most of it is memorized, and I have even seen the Broadway play multiple times. Plus, the recent(ish) live action movie was surprisingly good!


I’m not sure why I always connected with her. Maybe because she was intelligent and spoke her mind? Maybe because she wasn’t born into royalty and thus more┬árelatable? Or it could simply be that she was the only Disney princess I knew with brown hair like me ­čÖé


This dress was a costume I sewed AGES ago – one of my firsts. I made it out of a bedsheet from Walmart and used iron-on hem tape since I didn’t know how to sew a proper hem. It doesn’t really fit great and the zipper is kind of a mess, but I was always proud of it and have worn it many times. Since I teach elementary school, it’s a good go-to costume for Halloween at work.

When a friend of mine was having a Disney costume party for her birthday in September, this again became the obvious choice. I no longer have the same locks as my favorite heroine, but I think I still can pull off the look ­čśë


I paired my dress/apron with simple flats as well as a Beauty and the Beast book purse and a rose pin from Disney.

Hope this inspires you for Halloween! (ps, this is not my costume for this year. I’ll share photos of my actual outfit soon!)



Dress and Apron: made by me ­čÖé
Blouse: Candie’s via Kohl’s
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Mandayss Ballet Flat via Amazon
Purse: Target Girls Beauty and the Beast Purse (not sure why it is popping up at $44…I think I paid around $12)
Pin: Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Pin

another captain hook reference?


Nope, it’s not my cosplay post yet! ┬áMonday, my friends ­čÖé

I took these photos a few weeks ago, but wasn’t going to post them. ┬áDave and I went out to brunch in Boston and┬áhad some free time before meeting up with friends. ┬áSadly, it was SUPER cloudy (and not the “good cloudy,” ya know?), plus┬áI wasn’t feeling very photogenic – therefore the pictures didn’t come out great.

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