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river city copyright infringement


Ahhh!  I just can’t contain my love for this dress.  Isn’t it just amazing?! Ever since ModCloth released their own label this past summer, I have been stalking this dress, just waiting for the price to drop (it’s $99.99…yikes!)

Of course, after months of waiting, the price stayed the same 😦

Recently, however, ModCloth was offering 20% off dresses – plus I had been sitting on gift card money since my birthday in September, so this was the perfect opportunity to buy!  Sometimes we just have to treat ourselves to nice things.

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another captain hook reference?


Nope, it’s not my cosplay post yet!  Monday, my friends 🙂

I took these photos a few weeks ago, but wasn’t going to post them.  Dave and I went out to brunch in Boston and had some free time before meeting up with friends.  Sadly, it was SUPER cloudy (and not the “good cloudy,” ya know?), plus I wasn’t feeling very photogenic – therefore the pictures didn’t come out great.

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clean up after your pet


This look is basically a twist or variation of the outfit I posted last Wednesday.  Sleeveless dress + top + tights + belt + fun necklace = awesome.

This is my new favorite place in my apartment complex to take photos.  It’s also where the pics were taken for this post.  However, there’s a lovely sign off to the side….check it out:

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the snowiest year

DSC_0461-small DSC_0478-small

I actually took these photos a few weeks ago- and although my face may look happy, I’m pretty sure I was thinking, “oh gosh, more snow!?!”  You see, we had record-breaking snowfall this year.  It started out nice and all, but the folks in the northeast quickly grew tired of it.  Now only the sad remains exist: piles of dirt and salt covered, icy, unwanted snow.  It’s gross 😦

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