down by the station



Back in August 2015 I took some photos at Depot Park in Bedford, MA. ¬† I love this location at the end of the Minuteman Bike Trail mostly because of the vintage passenger car that’s parked there. ¬†It was once part of an old Boston commuter line which ran for over 100 years from 1873-1977.

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boston winter


So sorry for the long absence! ¬†I know it’s been about a month since my last post… ūüė¶

Things have been really busy recently, mostly due to the stamp/paper crafts company that I co-founded and design for, Altenew.  There is a big trade show every year that we attend, and this year it was in Phoenix.  I was CRAZY busy December and January leading up to the show the weekend of the 20th.

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winter brights



Back in mid-December, we had our first good snowfall of the season.

As much as I hate the cold weather, there is something magical about snow!  Everything always seems so calm, quiet, and peaceful when it snows.  Plus, I love how beautiful the ground and trees look when covered in a blanket of white.

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christmas in orlando


Every year, we alternate between spending Christmas with my family and with my in-laws (we do the same for Thanksgiving).

Last month¬†we celebrated Thanksgiving in New Jersey, which would usually mean Christmas in New York with my family. ¬†However, my parents also have a house in Florida and that’s where they were going to be this year. ¬†My brothers both live in FL full time, and the older one kindly offered to host.

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