give me some space



While going through old photos that needed to get blogged, I couldn’t resist these from our trip to Florida this past winter!

Dave and I drove down in February, which was exciting – every time we stopped for food or to go to the bathroom, it was a bit warmer! Of course the opposite was true too…the drive home got more and more bitterly cold as we approached MA :/

(You may also remember my post from our brief stop in Savannah, GA)



I have always had an interest in our galaxy/planets/universe, and I adore sci-fi movies which take place in outer space. (It’s also hilarious to note that it is quite scary to me too, and I can’t look up at the stars for too long before pondering the infinite vastness of space and questioning our place in it all. But I digress…)

My family lives in Florida, and my older brother is right in Orlando. Every time we would visit I’d beg the family to go to the Kennedy Space Center, but we’d always end up at Disney. (and I love Disney so it’s not anything that I would complain about!)



When we went down in February, my niece had to go to school – kids down there don’t get a week off in the winter like I do up north – so it was the perfect chance to ditch Disney and head over to the Space Center! (She’s in kindergarten and likely wouldn’t get much out of this trip anyway, so I didn’t feel bad going without her!)


I was a little self-conscious going out since the hemline of this dress is so short, but my sister-in-law assured me that I didn’t look like I was trying to dress younger than my age. Thanks Melissa! 🙂

I wanted to accessorize to fit the theme as well, so I threw on my NASA pin and moon phase barrette.



**Additional space-themed photos are coming up after the outfit details, so keep scrolling to see more from the Kennedy Space Center! 




Dress: Retrolicious via Hot Topic
Barrette: The Science Boutique, purchased at SOWA Open Market (they also have a shop on Etsy)
Sunglasses: Newbury Comics
Belt: made by me 🙂
ShoesJessica Simpson Mandayss Ballet Flat via Amazon
Pin: Hoy’s 5 and 10 in Ocean City, NJ


Like I said, I had been wanting to go here for quite some time…which meant my family had to put up with things like taking my photo with an astronaut, and waiting for me while I took photos of everything else.

Here’s Dave and my dad:


I knew I wanted to take one of their tours, so we hopped on an awesome bus tour around the facility. This allowed us to get nice and close to various launch sites.

Our bus driver was super friendly and very informative, but he also had a very heavy southern accent! I was sad since there were some things I missed because I couldn’t quite understand him!



There was a stop along the tour that brought us to another building. There, we went into a launch simulator, and saw the actual control panel for the Apollo 8 mission! So cool!


One room was massive and filled with rockets and modules:



I believe this was the Apollo 14 crew capsule:


Now, here is the best part of our visit!

We went to the Kennedy Space Center soon after SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launched. Lucky for us, they were displaying one of its reusable boosters during the week we were there! (click here for more info)

Dave and I closely followed the Falcon Heavy rocket, watching live streams of Starman in his Tesla. Haha! Such a bizarre thing! So we were thrilled to see this booster that fell back to earth only 2 weeks prior.


I can’t get over how awesome this visit was, and hope to go back again soon. I could have spent days there!


3 thoughts on “give me some space

  1. SaraLily

    And the award for best backdrop paired with outfit goes to…..YOU!!! I don’t know how anyone can top this. You look so dang cute among the space vehicles (??). You know I love a good theme!!!!!! 😉


    1. jenniferrzasa Post author

      OOOh thanks! I tried my best to get some good shots to fit the theme. Glad you appreciate it:)



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