march blizzard



First, I need to let you know there are a LOT of photos here. It was so much fun to pose during a blizzard, even though it was SO cold and wet! I was totally uncomfortable, but I powered through đŸ™‚



A few weeks ago, the Boston area got hit with quite a bit of snow. Of course I was home from school, and Dave was encouraged by his boss to work from home. Right after lunch, I asked Dave if he minded taking some photos out in the snow.



Thankfully he was willing to give it a try, so I put on this beautiful Unique Vintage dress and some red lipstick. (which I had the confidence to wear after my recent at-home teeth whitening! Check out my last post for more info, and click here for a chance to win a whitening kit!)


Can we talk about this dress for a second?

The color is the perfect shade of burgundy, which I think would work for any skin tone, it hugs the waist for a nice hourglass effect, and the material is super stretchy so it is quite comfy.

It’s a liiiiiiitle low cut for my taste, but nothing inappropriate! I can deal with showing a little extra skin, lol. (however this is NOT a dress for school!)

DSC_0887-small cropDSC_0915-small

I picked it up at Modern Millie Shop in Salem, and as always was having a hard time deciding whether or not I should get it. Also (as always), my buddy Sara and the ladies in the shop encouraged me to go for it. THANKS GIRLS!

I really would have been sad if I went home without this beauty.

DSC_0918-small crop



cold arms, haha

I’ll leave you with my magical snow globe moment, which Dave perfectly captured:




Dress: Unique Vintage Delores Swing Dress via Modern Millie Shop
Fleece-Lined Tights: Primark
Boots: Indigo by Clarks Cedar Street

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