heel, toe, on the line…


…will you be my Valentine?

I wore this outfit to work on Valentine’s Day, and did an awesome Valentine’s Day circle dance with the first graders.  The lyrics above are from the accompanying song!  It has been stuck in my head all week… 🙂

I know, I’m a bad blogger – I posted my Valentine’s Day outfit after the holiday instead of before it.  To be honest, I don’t plan many of my outfits in advance.  They are frequently selected in a hurry when I’m about to be late and have to get clothes on my body ASAP.


I was clearly going with a theme here, and it was just perfect that my hair happens to have red in it. One of the other teachers commented on it and then asked me if I was going to go green for St. Patrick’s Day…ha!


We took these photos in the South End, not too far from the dance studio I go to.  Every time I walk past on my way to class, I think about how pretty these condos are!  I wonder how much it costs to live in one…


Well, I just went and checked.  The three units I saw have recently sold for just over $2 million each.  Yowza!


Well since we’ll obviously never live there, I’ll just have to pretend by looking at this cute photo of Dave looking all dapper in front of the building  🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend!




Dress: H&M
Cardigan:  Kohl’s
Tights:  Old Navy
Shoes Payless Comfort Plus Karmen Pump
Heart Pin:  Charming Charlie Foodie Enamel Pin Set

2 thoughts on “heel, toe, on the line…

  1. Karen

    I love red and black together, therefore I love this outfit! A great valentine’s look, but still classic and no cheesiness! The need those tights, and they look fabulous with your red shoes. Kx


  2. SaraLily

    I love those tights – they are so perfect with this little red dress. Can we make that thing? Forget LBD, it’s LRD dress now! 😉

    Aww look at how cute Dave looks, too! I love it!



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