back to the warmth


I know – things are getting confusing here on the blog.

I have been posting cold-weather looks, followed by Christmas in Florida, then snow in Massachusetts, and now we are back to a warm-weather outfit.  I thought I would keep things interesting by alternating between what I wore on a recent trip to Florida and what I have been wearing at home, but now I kind of regret that decision!  Oh well…too late to go back!



These pics were taken at my mom and dad’s house.  They also have a home in NY, and always fly south when it gets cold up north.

While Dave was snapping away, I saw that my parents and brother were watching all of the action through the window.  I was a bit embarrassed, so I decided to excitedly (and awkwardly) wave to them – see above.

For those of you who have style blogs, do you also get uncomfortable when people watch you pose?  I do EVERY time, and I thought that by now I would have gotten used to it.


The dress was a great deal I got during one of ModCloth’s sale events – I only paid $17.99 (40% off the already discounted price) and shipping was free.  Yay!

They have been having SO many sales recently, so definitely keep checking back if there is something on your wish list.

Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂





Dress:  ModCloth Motif Belief A-Line Dress
Necklace:  Charming Charlie Envelope Message Necklace
Shoes:  Jessica Simpson Mandayss Ballet Flat via Amazon
Sunglasses:  Isaac Mizrahi via Burlington Coat Factory
Belt:  made by me 🙂

3 thoughts on “back to the warmth

  1. SaraLily

    With this week being colder than it has been all winter so far, this post was just what I needed to warm up!! What a back yard! Can I go visit your parents?? 😉

    I used to feel awkward with an audience but now, for a lack of better words, I’ve stopped giving a f**k. LOL recently I had a friend snap pics for me and my other friends were hanging around us and I just ignored them. They even apparently had their own photo shoot and were trying to pose like me haha I didn’t even notice. They’re goofballs.


    1. jenniferrzasa Post author

      YES, you can visit my parents! LOL. But seriously, I would be up for a mini vacay in Florida! My parents said if we ever wanted to bring friends down they would just stay with my grandma so we could have the house. It’s lovely down there!

      I’m glad that you don’t worry anymore about people watching you take photos…maybe I’ll be like that one day! 🙂

      On Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 9:30 AM, Dressing With Class wrote:



  2. haveclotheswilltravel

    How fun to spend some time in Florida! Your parents’ place looks lovely! My family is all heading down to The Keys in a couple weeks, and I can’t wait to see their photos too. Your dress is super cute! And oh yes, ModCloth’s sales have been crazy lately! It’s great that I’m getting things so heavily discounted…but at the same time, it’s encouraging me to buy more. Haha. And oh my goodness gracious, no matter how much I tell myself I’m not going to care…I am uncomfortable taking photos around people every single time. Sara needs to teach us her ways! 🙂



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