meeting sara!


Have you ever met someone, and instantly knew you were meant to be with each other?

No, I’m not talking about my husband (although that was the case with him too!)…I’m talking about my blog friend Sara (from In a Nutshell) whom I was finally able to meet in person!

I haven’t met many internet friends out in the real world, but luckily they have all been great experiences!  It’s one thing when you “know” someone online, but a completely different thing to hang out with them and talk in real time.  I had a feeling Sara and I would hit it off, and I’m SO glad we did! 🙂

We decided to meet at my apartment (with our guys in tow), then head down together to South Boston to visit SoWa, a farmers’ market/craft fair/vintage market/food truck event.  They hold it every Sunday during the warm months, and it is so much fun!

After shopping and eating, we found a little place to take these photos.  It was strange having 2 photographers – Dave and Cody – especially since we didn’t really know where to look.  It was a good thing I had on sunglasses, so you can never really tell where I’m looking anyway 😉

I hope that Sara likes the pictures I chose to post…I think we look adorable in all of them, but I chose to mix in some of the stranger ones since they make me laugh! They might not be the most flattering, but they are the most fun! (oh, and how ’bout that epic jump at the start of the post?!?)


I have to say, Sara is the QUEEN of posing!  I already knew she was good from seeing her blog photos, but it was another thing to witness live!  I’m always a bit awkward when I pose, and end up dancing or flipping my hair or doing other bizarre moves. Then, I’ll only end up using around 10% of what Dave shot.

Sara, however, always seems to know how to work angles, and look at her hands!  (yes, I will wait for you to scroll around and focus on her hands)…..

They are always intentionally/artfully placed on her body, clothes, floor, wall, etc.  But what is even more impressive is how they look when they are not touching anything at all.  Look below – so poised!

We are both kind of goofy people, so I couldn’t stop laughing or smiling the whole time.  It was a riot!

When I look at these next two pictures, all I can think of is Wayne and Garth doing Laverne and Shirley:


wayne garth

We wanted to coordinate our outfits, so when Sara said she was going with a watermelon theme, I knew I had to wear my gingham dress so we could have a whole picnic thing going on!  I also wore a soda pin, since people bring soda on picnics….right?

When we first saw them walking up to our apartment, Dave said to me – “wow, your outfits match!” – not knowing that we had planned it.  He figured it was an awesome coincidence.  He probably should have known that 2 girls who love clothes would want to coordinate!


Thanks so much for stopping by, and don’t forget to stop by Sara’s blog to say hi!
SLF_5325-bw small



Dress:  Lindy Bop Myrtle Red Gingham Swing Dress
Bag:  Betsey Johnson Cat Wallet via Burlington Coat Factory
Shoes:  Montego Bay Club Pina High Wedge Sling via Payless
Sunglasses:  Isaac Mizrahi via Burlington Coat Factory
Pin:  Forever 21 Fast Food Pin Set
Flower Clip: Forever 21

15 thoughts on “meeting sara!

  1. SaraLily

    I’m over here giggling and gushing like a school girl – we had SO MUCH FUN!!! I love that we both picked goofy pictures to share. There were some downright hilarious ones! Also, I didn’t even think of Wayne and Garth but OMG!! That is TOTALLY their pose! HAHA!!

    We will definitely have to make plans again soon! XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mona

    Ohhh yaaay! I love these photos, you look so cute together. Like you were meant for each other!! And your outfits are great, so beautiful! Also, yes – Sara’s hands are incredible. I’ve noticed that before actually (haha! that sounds creepy)!
    I loved this post!! Thanks for sharing it with us! You are both marvellous!
    Much love,


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  4. Lindsey Puls (@HavClothWilTrav)

    This is so awesome!! That jump shot of you both is amazing! I love all the photos you chose. And I can’t stop giggling over the Wayne & Garth photo – perfection! And can Sara come and teach me her ways? I never know what to do with my hands! Haha. I just end up playing with my dress or sticking them in my pockets. Also, I love the way you pose in photos too – my husband always reminds me that I could learn a thing or two from how you pose in your photos! 🙂


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  12. Norbyah

    This is such a fun post! I think that meeting a blogging friend is always fun. I remember meeting one of my blog friends, Gabrielle of Look Sharp Sconnie a few years back, after we’d been reading each other’s blogs for 2 years. It really was like we were long lost friends. Great outfits, too.


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