do I love metroid? YEAH



Are you familiar with the Metroid series of games?  They feature Samus Aran, a bounty hunter who protects the galaxy by defeating aliens.  You know, just a typical day for a young woman in space 🙂

I have always loved playing the games, so I decided to honor them with this look!



This is actually not my first Metroid-themed outfit on the blog (check out the one from last year!).   I love getting to put my own style spin on geek clothes and accessories.

Dave picked up this shirt for me a while back at the Nintendo World Store (although now it’s called Nintendo NYC).  I love the Screw Attack symbol, and I thought it was cool that it’s pretty subtle on the shirt.  To accessorize, I just HAD to wear my Samus Aran pin.
DSC_0052-small crop

I wore this out to Salem 2 weeks ago to meet up with friends.  We were headed to Bit Bar, a new bar/restaurant/classic arcade.  I LOVE arcade games, and thought it was awesome that they only charge 25 cents per game…just like the old days!

We spent most of our money at the Simpsons game (ahh, such fond memories!), but also hit up a few other machines.


I would definitely recommend visiting Bit Bar for the experience, but sadly we were not impressed with their food or specialty drinks.  There were four of us, each ordering something different, and no one was impressed.  That’s pretty bad!

We did, however, love the sriracha popcorn.  Next time we go, I think we’ll just order that and a few drinks, then go somewhere else for food after we get our game on.  (note: we were there during their soft opening, so it’s possible things will improve)





Top:  Nintendo NYC Metroid Screw Attack Shirt
Shorts:  Celebrity Pink High-Waist Shorts via Macy’s
Purse:  MMS Design Studio (gift from my friend Tasnim!)
Sunglasses:  Charming Charlie Riviera Matte Ombre Sunglasses
Pin:  Nintendo NYC Samus Pin
Headband:  Forever 21 Wire Bow Headwrap
Shoes:  Montego Bay Club Pina High Wedge Sling via Payless
Belt:  made by me 🙂

2 thoughts on “do I love metroid? YEAH

    1. jenniferrzasa Post author

      Thank you Lindsey! Luckily, Bit Bar is just a few blocks away from an awesome consignment shop, so I have a feeling I’ll be making another trip out to Salem to go back to both! 🙂

      On Thu, Jul 14, 2016 at 4:21 AM, Dressing With Class wrote:




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