my favorite pants, take 2



I can’t stop wearing these pants!  I last wore them on the blog here, but have probably worn them at least once a week since then.  Which is hilarious because I have always hated wearing anything but a dress or skirt!


A few of my colleagues have even commented on it:  “Jen’s not in a dress!”  “Oh my gosh, Jen’s wearing pants!”  “Jen, you look so…casual!” 🙂


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s the new me.  I sometimes wear pants now!

As I mentioned in my other post, the second H&M sells these in other colors, I’m buying ALL OF THEM.  I would also love if they did this style in a full-length pant.  I think it’s the combination of stretchy material, flat front, and side zip that do it for me.

DSC_0070-small crop


As I’m writing this post, I’m thinking to myself “I hope I actually look good in these…otherwise my readers will be wondering why I’m gushing about them so much!”

Well anyway, enough talk about pants. Let’s move onto this adorable striped top.  I’m in love with the cute back detail, and to be honest this is another closet item that gets lots of wear.



There’s nothing new in this outfit to feature except….


…my 8-bit hair bow!  Isn’t it awesome?!  I bought it from the ThinkGeek booth when Dave and I were at PAX East in April.  In other ThinkGeek news, I had the honor of being selected as their Action Shot winner on Instagram!  I had tagged them on my Capcom Live outfit, since I had on a Mega Man pin and sprite purse from their shop.


I was featured in their newsletter AND got a $100 gift card!  I can’t wait to pick out some new nerdy goodies 🙂


I’ll finish this post with a few pictures that further confirm that Dave rarely looks “normal” in photos on my blog.  It’s his crazy attitude and fun personality that make me love him so much!

(Well, that last one is actually normal…and quite handsome if I do say so myself!  P.S.  He has  the PAX East Limited Edition 2016 pin on his lapel)



Top:  Energie Junior’s Printed Back-Cutout Top via Macy’s
Pants:  H&M Black Slacks (looks like black is no longer available, but they have some patterns)
Jacket:  Candie’s via Kohl’s
Hair Clip:  ThinkGeek Mini 8-Bit Hair Bows
Purse:  Puma Ferrari Shoulder Bag
Shoes:  Steve Madden
Necklace:  Forever 21
Sunglasses:  Target (similar)

5 thoughts on “my favorite pants, take 2

  1. SaraLily

    The bow isn’t the only thing new – did you update/touch up your hair? Or am I just slow and haven’t realized til this post that it’s brighter red on the bottom?? Ha! Well, either way, it’s looking AWESOME!!! 😉


    1. jenniferrzasa Post author

      I have been re-dying the bottom of my hair every weekend (50/50 hair dye mixed with my conditioner), but I think this last batch was extra strong! lol. However, 2 days ago I got a haircut and now most of the bright red is gone :/ Next time I re-dye it, I’m thinking of going with fuchsia! Have a great weekend Sara!

      On Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 9:49 AM, Dressing With Class wrote:



  2. Lindsey Puls (@HavClothWilTrav)

    I was thinking the same thing as Sara! Your hair looks lovely! I am loving the extra red. 🙂 I have a bigger version of your hair bow from ThinkGeek – but my hair is a bit too thin and short to handle wearing it. That’s awesome you won their Instagram contest! I wouldn’t know where to begin with that $100 gift card – they have so much awesome stuff! Haha. Congrats! Love the photos of Dave too. 🙂


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