what’s cookin’?


I just love a good themed outfit, don’t you?

About a month ago I went to a friend’s bridal shower, and I thought it would be appropriate to wear my kitchen utensil dress.  When it came to accessorizing, I went with my favorite DIY(ish) KitchenAid mixer necklace, AND my new oven purse!  The whole theme came together so easily 🙂

DSC_0651-small crop


Then this past weekend we went to a barbecue at a friend’s place, and I felt it was a good excuse to re-wear this same outfit – since I love it so much!

I have found that this blog has not only helped me to be a little more creative when mixing/matching clothes I own, but it has also been a good resource for those times when I don’t know what to wear.  I can just peruse my gallery until I find something I feel like putting on.



So, let’s talk about this purse for a moment.  I had been obsessing over it for months, since I first laid eyes on it. It was really expensive (for me at least), so I was planning on just stalking various websites until it got cheap enough to buy.




Then, when I was shopping at Macy’s in NYC with my mom last month, she offered to buy it for me!  I feel so lucky that she spoils me a bit when we see each other.  It really stinks that we only get together a few times a year (my parents live in Florida for most of the year, and NY for a few months), but it also makes the time with them even more special!

 photo back-bay-gif_3.gif





Dress:  ModCloth Give it Your Best Guess Dress in Kitchen
Cardigan:  Kohl’s
Necklace:  made by me 🙂 (using this charm from Fossil)
Shoes:  Sonoma via Kohl’s
Purse:  Betsey Johnson Oven Crossbody via Macy’s
Belt:  made by me 🙂
Sunglasses: H&M

2 thoughts on “what’s cookin’?

    1. jenniferrzasa Post author

      That’s awesome…aren’t we lucky to have such great moms?!? 🙂

      On Tue, May 31, 2016 at 9:22 AM, Dressing With Class wrote:




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