“am I standing, sitting? I don’t know!”


Hmmm…another cryptic post title.  Does anyone know the reference?

I’ll give you a hint…it’s from a cartoon.



Since I assume no one will know, I’ll tell you that it’s from an episode of Rick and Morty.  Does that help to narrow it down?


 photo playground-gif.gif

Time’s up!

Answer:  It’s spoken by Ants in My Eyes Johnson, from the Rixty Minutes episode!  Quite possibly the greatest episode of the series thus far.  Are any of you fans of the show?  Dave and I are obsessed. It’s one of those things that you either love or hate, since it’s pretty ridiculous.

One of my favorite new accessories is this Ants in My Eyes Johnson pin:

It totally cracks me up!  I chose to pair it with a button-down top, jeans, and some neon accessories.  I may have mentioned this before, but I am quite self conscious in jeans that aren’t dark, since I am not a fan of the lower-half of my body :/

However, many of my style blogging friends sometimes wear things that are outside of their comfort zones, so I thought I should go ahead and do the same!   Isn’t it so silly that women tend to be so hard on themselves?  I’m trying to overcome that so I can be more confident in my own skin!

The orange, yellow, and red color scheme seemed to be just perfect, since Ants in My Eyes Johnson ends up setting himself on fire (“it’s a very rare disease…” ha!).




Button-Down Top:  H&M
Jeans: Old Navy
Belt:  Forever 21
Sunglasses:  DC Comics Wonder Woman Sunglasses via Hot Topic
Bag:  Aldo Noronen
Pin:  ShakedownParty Rick and Morty Pin via Etsy
Shoes:  Old Navy

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