fishtail braids!


It’s officially the start of my February break!  Although I love my job, I feel so lucky to be able to enjoy being home from work a few times each school year. This week, I plan on sewing and designing, and maybe doing a bit of baking!


For Valentine’s Day, Dave and I had a casual lunch in Back Bay.  We never give each other gifts for the holiday, and honestly we would have gone out for lunch whether it was Valentine’s Day or not.  But it was still fun to get dressed up in a V-Day approved look! 🙂


It has been SO frigidly cold out this week – temperatures in single digits, dropping to the negatives.  I am definitely ready for spring, and I wish it would just get here already!

By the way, this was my first time doing fishtail braids.  I often braid my hair in pigtails on weekends, but I always go with a traditional braid.  Since my hair is thick and not too long, they end up looking very stumpy.  Fishtail brads to the rescue!  I think these will be my new go-to braids…they look awesome!

 photo back-bay-gif_2.gif


Of course, I had to use my letter earrings to make some Valentine’s Day themed words.  Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  If so, what did you do yesterday?DSC_0473-small


(P.S.  This weekend we also took some pics of Fenway Park, because they still had the ramp up from Big Air.  Here you can see the top of the stadium, and how high up the ramp starts above that.  Pretty cool!)


Sweater:  H&M
Skirt: Unique Vintage Red High Waisted Scuba Swing Skirt
Shoes:  Steve Madden
Bag: custom designed at 1154 Lill Studio (sadly, they are out of business)
Earrings:  H&M
Hat:  Volcom via Zumiez
Fleece-Lined Tights:  Marshall’s

4 thoughts on “fishtail braids!

  1. Lindsey Puls (@HavClothWilTrav)

    This is such a cute Valentine’s Day look! I love your skirt! And your fishtail braids look so awesome! I’m regretting chopping my hair off now. Haha. I’m also obsessed with your earrings! I’ll have to see if H&M still has them. 🙂 We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day either…we went for dinner this weekend, though..and to see Deadpool. 🙂 (Which we also would’ve done whether it was Valentine’s or not, haha.)

    I hope you enjoy your February break!


    1. jenniferrzasa Post author

      Thanks Lindsey! Dave and I made sure to see Deadpool too last weekend….and we loved it! Dave is more of the Deadpool fan, and has been following his comics since they came out in the 90s. Coming from a die-hard fanboy, he said it lived up to his (already high) expectations! What did you think of the movie?

      On Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 10:16 AM, Dressing With Class wrote:



  2. Rebecca

    How fantastic that you get a break! Sounds like you got lots of great stuff planned! You look amazing! I love the way your hair looks in braids! How cute! Your outfit is beautiful and red and black is one of my favorite color combinations! I just have to say those earrings are incredible! Makes me want to get more ear piercing just to wear them!



    1. jenniferrzasa Post author

      Thank you Rebecca! I did those braids with my hair straightened – I’m curious how they would turn out if I started with my naturally curly hair. If it works, then it will definitely be a style I feature more on the blog (for my lazy hair days!) hehe 🙂

      On Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 11:57 AM, Dressing With Class wrote:




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