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Happy Monday!

Before we get to anything else, I want to say how much I love this dress!  My last post explained the issues I had with Lindy Bop’s sizing.  Two of the dresses I purchased were too big, even though I followed the size chart.  What’s even stranger is that I bought this dress in the same exact size, and it fits like a glove! I just don’t get it.

This dress was a bargain too – only $13.99! 🙂


The style of this dress feels very vintage to me, so I decided to do a retro-inspired hairstyle, and wear red lipstick.

Sadly, things didn’t go as planned.  Let’s start with the hair.  My texture is naturally curly, but I was starting with it straightened.  I used my curling iron to curl 1 inch sections of hair, and then I pinned them to cool.  I don’t have fancy pins, so I used bobby pins.  I let my hair set for an hour, then hair sprayed everything for good measure.  When I released the curls, I was sad to find out that only the bottom few inches were curly.  NOT the look I was going for!  I have watched many tutorials online, and I can never seem to make my hair do what I see in the videos.
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I rarely wear lipstick, so when I applied this bright red shade, I got it all over the place.  It looked like a child applied it with their eyes closed!  When I tried to fix it, I got lipstick on my hands and nose.  How is that even possible?!

I’m hoping to give these things another try sometime, but for now I’ll stick to my normal, hassle-free routine.


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I wore this outfit on a field trip with my third graders. We went to see a symphony orchestra perform, and we had a great time!  Click here to see what I wore last year.

Oh, and I just HAVE to mention these shoes.  These were a gift from my lovely friend Taheerah.  Aren’t they gorgeous?! I especially love the sweet hearts and the interesting heel.  Thank you SO much Taheerah – these are my favorite shoes now!


DSC_1473-small crop

They are just the perfect shoes for spinning and dancing, hehe:

 photo lexington-gif.gif


Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you have a great week!





Dress:  Lindy Bop Dottie Black and Red Polka Dot Tea Dress
Shoes:  Irregular Choice Poetic License School’s Out Heel (gift from a friend)
Tights:  Xhilaration (via Target)
Purse:  Primark

6 thoughts on “feeling vintage

  1. Taheerah

    Top-to-toe gorgeous! I hear you about your hair woes, but it still turned out cute! I am gonna have to teach you how to apply make-up the next time I see you though, lol! So happy you love the shoes, they really are perfect for you!! ❤


  2. SaraLily

    LindyBop sizing definitely varies by style sometimes. It’s not a bad thing, but I just know to check each dress’s size chart since it does differ a bit sometimes. I am glad this one fit perfectly! You look awesome!


  3. Lindsey Puls (@HavClothWilTrav)

    I love every bit of this look…your shoes are so cool! I also wouldn’t have guessed your hair didn’t go according to plan – it looks fantastic! And as for the lipstick…I wear red lipstick pretty frequently, and I still manage to get it all of my face. It’s always quite the process, haha.


  4. Patrick

    I love this look. The pops of red are fun. Your shoes are amazing. I’ve loved every shoe I’ve seen you wear but these are so much fun. Don’t give up on the makeup. I’m no good at it, but it is so much FUN! Most of the time by the end I look like a little kid getting caught playing with makeup (which I totally am…) If you learn any fun tips, I’m all ears. I need a lot of help feminizing my face without going over the top and looking like a drag queen… 🙂


    1. jenniferrzasa Post author

      Thank you Patrick! I think I just need to get a makeup consultation, where someone will tell me what to buy, and how to apply it. If you are trying to feminize your face, I imagine that contouring would be a good place to start! Of course, I can’t give you any advice on that since I’m such a makeup newbie…but I’m sure you can find video tutorials online!

      On Tue, Feb 9, 2016 at 10:38 AM, Dressing With Class wrote:




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