but our princess is in another castle!


This past weekend, Dave and I stopped by our friend Linley’s after grabbing some tasty lunch nearby (thanks for letting me use your bathroom to get changed! lol).  She lives in Somerville near Powder House Square, which is also right by Nathan Tufts Park.

The park has a lovely stone mill – which was later used to store gunpowder in the mid 1700s – and we feel it has a very castle-like look (which is why I chose to use this location for this particular outfit)

Oh, and did I mention it was FREEZING?! Literally freezing, since the temperature was near the 20s and it was very windy.

The photo below could almost fool you into thinking it was a warm and sunny day:

We snapped these photos in 60 second bursts, allowing me to throw my coat back on in between.  The whole thing probably took only 5 minutes, but it sure felt like it was a lot longer!  My nose and fingers were particularly icy :/


 photo powder-house-gif.gif

Why am I pounding a question mark block?  Well, that’s because I’m rocking my Mario-themed accessories!  I just adore this star necklace, and it pairs perfectly with my Yoshi pin – purchased at the Nintendo World Store in New York City.

Hope you have a happy Wednesday, and don’t forget about my Betsey Johnson purse giveaway!



Button Down Top:  Candies (via Kohl’s)
Jeans: Old Navy Diva
Necklace:  Sanshee Royal Star Necklace
Vest:  H&M
Boots:  Indigo by Clarks Cedar Street
Pin:  Nintendo World Store
Hat:  J. Crew Hearthstone Trapper Hat


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