I’m dreaming of a white wet christmas


Dave and I spent Christmas with his family in New Jersey.  While I was packing, I checked the weather and was shocked to see 72 degrees with rain in the forecast for Christmas day.  What?!  Well, I’m not one to turn down warm weather, so I happily packed a bunch of clothes that would be more suited for spring or summer.


I thought it would be a riot if I wore my umbrella print dress, since it is so seasonally inappropriate.  I have had this dress since May, and I absolutely adore it!  I couldn’t believe that I have not featured it on the blog yet.

 photo Christmas-gif.gif

I really wanted to go outside in the light and take some proper outfit photos, but it was all nasty and dark.  Plus, some relatives showed up and I didn’t really feel like doing it with them there!   If I think of it, I’ll take some photos the next time I wear this dress (although it’s back to being cold now, so I doubt I will be able to wear it anytime soon!)


Dave really liked the pic above.  He caught me off-guard, mid-turn.  (I was prepping for my pose in the next photo).  I was also trying to show off my new shoes from ModCloth, AND the pickle ornament on the tree.   We always do the Christmas Pickle hunt (more on that here), and I win every year!  I should go pro 🙂

I’ll be back tomorrow for a New Year’s Eve post!



Dress: eShakti Vibrant Umbrella Print Dress (I customized to add cap sleeves, a sweetheart neckline, and a longer skirt length)
Shoes:  ModCloth Poised for Perfection Heel in Pebble (also here – Mojo Moxy Edie Pump via Amazon)
Bobby Pin:  Ban.do Girl Talk Bobbi Set

1 thought on “I’m dreaming of a white wet christmas

  1. SaraLily

    Of COURSE Dave liked that pic – you’ve got a sexy seductive expression going on 😉 ow ow!

    You looked so super adorable! Love the shoes with this dress! It was such a weird Christmas!! I was in flats with bare legs too! Not even a coat! Just like last year though, which scares me. We’re doomed for another awful winter!



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