another captain hook reference?


Nope, it’s not my cosplay post yet!  Monday, my friends 🙂

I took these photos a few weeks ago, but wasn’t going to post them.  Dave and I went out to brunch in Boston and had some free time before meeting up with friends.  Sadly, it was SUPER cloudy (and not the “good cloudy,” ya know?), plus I wasn’t feeling very photogenic – therefore the pictures didn’t come out great.


But I thought it was cool that with the exception of my skirt and pin, everything I wore is at least 4 years old!  I love giving new life to old articles of clothing.DSC_0137-smallDSC_0186-small  photo back-bay-gif.gif

The skirt is a tad too short for work, but it was only $9 so I knew it would be a perfect weekend skirt!  It is another find from Primark, which I think will soon become my new favorite place for cheap clothes.  I can’t wait to go back to score a few more things!DSC_0080-smallDSC_0154-small

The necklace is actually one that I made about 10 years ago, and I’m also wearing a trading pin that I got over the summer at Disney World.  It’s part of an awesome villain designer shoe collection. Love it!

(btw – my first mention of Captain Hook, as referenced in the post title, can be found here)

whats in the look-small


Top:  H&M
Skirt:  Primark Ponte Mini Skirt (same skirt in a different color)
Shoes:  Franco Sarto
Necklace:  made by me 🙂
Jacket:  Rampage – Macy’s
Headband:  Claire’s
Pin:  Captain Hook Disney Villains Designer Shoe


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