water party!


Good morning!  I’m SO excited to share this post with you today!  About a week and a half ago, Lindsey (from Have Clothes Will Travel) visited Cape Cod and Boston with her husband.  When I found out that she was going to be up here in MA, I knew I had to meet her!   As I mentioned in this post we first “met” each other through the ModCloth Style Gallery and instantly knew our clothing styles clicked.

(by the way, both of our husbands were snapping pictures, so I have labelled the pictures I got from Lindsey)
DSC_0686-small IMG_2675-small

(photo from Lindsey)

We met for lunch at Pho Basil, a Thai and Vietnamese restaurant on Mass Ave.  We all hit it off right away, especially the guys!  I was chuckling to myself a bit since it seemed like they dominated a lot of the conversation!

After lunch, we knew we wanted to get some photos in for our blogs, so we headed over to the reflecting pond and fountain nearby.  It was really funny because neither of us have done style outfit photos with another person before.   I felt kind of awkward at first (well, I pretty much always feel awkward when posing for blog photos, so imagine how much harder it was with someone else!)


(photo from Lindsey)

The guys had us stand on a little pedestal thing, and it was so windy!  Our skirts kept blowing around and we could barely move without falling off, lol.  Obviously we didn’t plan things ahead of time…


(photo from Lindsey)
DSC_0698-small vertical


(photo from Lindsey)

 photo in-boston-with-lindsey-gif.gif

After dancing and posing for a bit, someone had a “great” idea – to go into the fountain!  The weather forecast for the day was on and off thunderstorms, so I had an umbrella with me.  That should shield us from the water, right?



Ehhh….not quite. We were soaked!  I’m not sure if you can tell in the photos, but our shirts and skirts were almost completely saturated.  I guess it wasn’t a great idea to pop in there after all!  (although it was a lot of fun!)

Since we had that rainy forecast, I thought it was a perfect day to wear a brooch I made.  To create it, I scanned one of my watercolor paintings, then printed it onto shrink plastic.  I just love that stuff!  After shrinking, it was easy to just glue on a pin backing.

Please visit Lindsey’s blog to see her post, and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!


(photo from Lindsey)

whats in the look-small

08-21-15Tank Top:  Express
Skirt:  Forever 21 Polka Dot A Line Skirt
Brooch: made by me 🙂
Sunglasses:  Betsey Johnson – Marshall’s
Headband:  Forever 21 Wire Bow Headwrap
Sandals:  Montego Bay Club Pina High Wedge Sling – Payless
Umbrella:  ModCloth Raindrops Keep Falling Umbrella


6 thoughts on “water party!

  1. Amanda C

    Oh my gosh, how cute are you two? Despite getting soaked in the fountain, you both still look great (I feel like I would end up looking like a wet dog – but I suppose we are all our own worst critics). And it’s always so fun when blogging/fashion friends because real life friends! I met a blogging friend earlier this year after finding out a music group (post-modern jukebox) would be playing in the city where I live. I hadn’t made a lot of friends since moving here and I knew a blogging friend had similar music taste as I did and also lived nearby, so I asked her if she would want to get together and go with me and we ended up having a blast (and we were also both relieved when neither of us turned out to be psychopaths or murderers, LOL).
    Glad you two cuties had fun!
    XO Amanda | Sans Scrubs


    1. jenniferrzasa Post author

      Thanks Amanda! I laughed out loud at your psychopath/murderer comment. It really is funny to think about meeting people online – especially because when I grew up and the internet was just becoming a “thing,” we learned that we should NEVER give out our personal information or agree to meet anyone in person, lol. Times have changed! Lindsey and I had a great time, I only wish she lived closer!

      By the way, I’m seeing Post-modern Jukebox when they are up in Boston in November! Woohoo!! 🙂

      On Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 5:45 PM, Dressing With Class wrote:



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