i’m baaaaaaaack!


I missed you guys! I just got back from Florida, and I’m ready to return to my regular posting schedule.

Most of my family lives in Florida, even though none of them grew up there.  Ready for this craziness?  I was raised on Long Island NY. My grandparents had a home there, and one in FL once they retired.  Eventually they moved permanently to FL, and my family moved into their NY house.  Then, about 8 years ago, my parents retired and they bought a house in FL for the winter seasons.  My younger brother decided he didn’t like NY and moved to that house year-round, watching over it during the summer months when my parents were up north.  This past year, my older brother changed positions in his company which relocated him to….you guessed it….Florida!   Now, my younger brother moved to his own house, my parents decided to sell their NY house, and everyone is having a big ol’ Florida party without me!

However, Dave and I don’t think we could ever leave Massachusetts!   I adore my job, and he adores having 4 seasons.  But I definitely feel out of the loop, and I miss the whole family.  So I’m sure you could imagine how happy I was to spend the past week with them!

I can’t believe I’m actually posting a picture of myself in a bathing suit on the internet.  I am SUPER self-conscious in this department, but I love all of the cute and trendy one-piece bathing suits that are currently available!  As a non-bikini wearer, I have always found it difficult to find suits I like that cover my midsection.  I lucked out last year when I found this one, on sale at Macy’s!  It is definitely my favorite.

(fun thing to note-those flip flops only cost me 50 cents due to an error at the cash register- score!)

We were celebrating 3 birthdays this past week…my sister-in-law’s, my niece’s, and my younger brother’s.  He’s a musician, and had a gig on his birthday.   In addition to the usual cash, people tipped him with cards, presents, and even a birthday cake! ha!


He plays every week at Rogue Pub, if you live near Orlando you should check it out!  This past week, his girlfriend Jamie played with him- she plays ukulele.

It was so much fun!!

whats in the look-small07-27-15Bathing Suit:  Kenneth Cole Reaction – Macy’s
Cover Up:  Francesca’s Crystal Stripe Swim Cover-Up
Sunglasses:  Betsey Johnson Pink Floral Aviators – Marshall’s
Flip Flops:  Five Below


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