wacky wednesday


It’s Spirit Week at school, and today was Wacky Wednesday!  You probably know by now that I LOVE costumes, so I usually go all out…wigs or crazy wired braids, and outfits that make me look certifiably insane.

This year, however, I was a bit tamer.  I actually think that this outfit works for normal day-to-day wear!

DSC_0932-small DSC_0934-small DSC_0937-small

I straightened only half of my hair, and left the rest curly.  It feels as though this is the only thing that is truly odd here!  I do like it though…might I start a new trend?

DSC_0959-smallDSC_0954-small DSC_0957-small
Oh my, I adore these socks!  I knew I had to have them the moment I saw them! Perfect for a teacher, don’tcha think?  And I think they look really cool when paired with my Chucks (which are over 15 years old!)  🙂
DSC_0961-small DSC_0968-small

whats in the look-small

06-17-15Shirt: Target Xhilaration
Shorts: H&M
Necklace: Kohl’s
Sunglasses: Fossil
Bracelet:  source unknown
Watch:  Fossil Eley Kishimoto
Socks:  ModCloth Got My Number Two Socks (also available here)
Sneakers:  Converse Chuck Taylor


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