my only regret…is that I have boneitis!


Good news, everyone!  I’ll give you some imaginary cool points if you know what this blog post title references.  Oohh, and extra cool points if you caught the reference two sentences ago!  🙂


Yep, it’s one of my favorite shows…Futurama!  Probably among the most cleverly written cartoons out there, complete with nerdy references and space travel. What could be better?!

I wore this outfit on a trip home to NY 2 weeks ago.   It was something nice and comfy to wear on the 4.5 hour car ride.  Funny thing about this skirt- I remember buying it at the flagship Filene’s store in Downtown Crossing right before it closed (by the way, I just checked and that was apparently in 2005).  Everything was super cheap, and I think this skirt was something like $5. Even with the low price, I spent a crazy amount of time trying to decide if I would get enough use out of it to justify the purchase.

Good thing I bought it, since I have worn it at least 300 times since!

DSC_0279-small DSC_0282-small DSC_0285-small

This Ursa Major necklace seemed appropriate…


Hope you all have a fantastic day!

whats in the look-small


Futurama Shirt:  purchased at a convention (similar)
Skirt:  Hot Kiss – Filene’s
Shoes:  G by Guess Klohee Flat
Sunglasses: Fossil
Necklace:  ModCloth Ursa Major League Necklace in Silver


3 thoughts on “my only regret…is that I have boneitis!

    1. jenniferrzasa Post author

      Lindsey, I love Archer! However, I still need to catch up on the most recent season.

      I think if you give Futurama a try, you might enjoy it….the more you watch the better it gets, lol. Especially some of the continuity with Fry and Nibbler and the year 2000- your husband might know what I’m talking about 🙂 There are some really cleverly written episodes and good fun all around!


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