that teacher look


What makes this a teacher look?  Of course it’s the apple-print dress and pencil shavings-print bag!!  Sorry for the wobbly legs in the photo below…I think the wind was getting the better of me (what else is new?!)


It was so beautiful out on Friday, so I decided to meet Dave after work for some drinks in Harvard Square….and I made sure to swing by the apartment first so I could grab my camera.  As much as I love my job, I am definitely looking forward to the summer!  Nothing’s better than walking around the city on a warm day 🙂DSC_0661-small DSC_0678-small DSC_0729-small DSC_0732-small DSC_0738-small DSC_0750-small

LOVE this bag…I got it on clearance!  Not sure how much I paid for it, but it was around $20.  Score!


(this is the face you should make when you want your photographer to smooch you!)

whats in the look-small

05-22-15Dress:  ModCloth Too Much Fun Dress in Apples
Shoes:  Payless Montego Bay Club Teal Wedges
Bag:  Fossil Pencil Shavings Crossbody
Sunglasses:  Target Wood Sunglasses (similar)
Headband:  Claire’s

4 thoughts on “that teacher look

  1. ardythpr1

    You are lovely! I wish more of our teachers wore clothes other than jeans! You look fun and approachable, but also like you respect your job (and expect people to respect you). And I sound like my mother! lol!


    1. jenniferrzasa Post author

      Thanks SaraLily! I used to never be a purse person, but now it’s fun to find bags that are a bit different. This one is a great size too- not too big, but still large enough for phone/wallet/keys!



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