ms. matchy-matchy


I’m sure you’ve heard the old fashion rule…”Your belt MUST ALWAYS match your shoes.”  Apparently I felt I should take that rule a few steps further:

  • Your belt must always match your shoes AND your necklace
  • Your bobby pin must always match your jacket
  • PS.  Your tights and bag must not match anything

DSC_0427-small DSC_0436-small DSC_0439-smallDSC_0416-small- DETAIL

Dave and I were walking around Copley and Newbury Street on Easter Sunday, and I was thrilled to see that Fossil was open!  Many shops were closed that morning, but not only was this store open, they had the sunglasses that I have been eyeing for months!  I couldn’t believe they were still in stock.  It was actually their last pair!

When it comes to dresses, pants, tops, accessories, etc, I’m super cheap.  I shop at cheap stores and purchase things on clearance and with discounts.  However, Fossil is my weakness.  I own about 15 Fossil watches, 6 handbags, 2 3 pairs of sunglasses, and whenever I abuse my Fossil wallet to the point at which the seams come undone and it basically explodes, I buy a new Fossil wallet.

It’s a good thing the Fossil Outlets carry fantastic stock, and I have an awesome Mom who will sometimes buy these things for me (thanks Mom!!)

DSC_0452-small DSC_0457-smallDSC_0460-small DSC_0468-small

Sorry for all of these photos- I get spoiled when Dave is with me and he can take like 1,000 photos in a matter of minutes.  MUCH easier than when I prance around in front of the tripod on our deck 🙂

After these pics were taken, we headed over to the MFA to check out the time capsule that is on display.   The capsule was buried in 1795 by Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and William Scollay.  It was cool and interesting to see the contents!

DSC_0495-small DSC_0520-smallDSC_0551-small

Oh yea- my bobby pin says “YAY.”  Yay, indeed!  It’s finally starting to feel like spring!DSC_0549-small

whats in the look-small


Dress:  Xhilaration Flutter Sleeve Dress – Target
Tights:  Xhilaration – Target
Shoes: Sonoma – Kohl’s (similar)
Belt:  Forever 21
Necklace:  Jane Stone Triangle Bib Collar Necklace
Sunglasses:  Fossil Applegate Aviator – Gold
Bag:  Fossil Vintage Bucket Camera Bag
Hair: Girl Talk Bobbi Set – Amazon
Jacket:  Black Rivet Asymmetrical Trench Coat – Wilsons Leather

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