quilled hello


Oh man, it has been cold recently!  I think it was around 10 degrees F when I took these photos.  Good thing I was only outside for a few minutes before scurrying back into the apartment!


In the past few weeks, we have had temperatures dip below 0, and because of that the students have been stuck inside every day for recess.  So sad!

DSC_0695-small   Check out a closer look of the necklace, below:DSC_0710-small

I made it myself!!  I stamped the design onto shrink plastic (using this rubber stamp), then colored it in with colored pencils.  I then cut it out, making sure to leave holes for the jewelry hardware.  Next, I followed the directions on the package to shrink it, and attached it to a chain!  I am in love with this necklace.

whats in the look-small

01-07-15Vest:  H&M
Black Stretch Jeans: Forever 21
Rainboots: Sperry Top-Sider – Marshall’s
Watch: Fossil
Necklace: made by me 🙂
not pictured:  H&M Striped Button Down (a few days after I wore this outfit, it turned purple in the wash…sadly, it was a purple dress-related incident)

One thought on “quilled hello

  1. Lindsey P.

    Very cute outfit! I love the rain boots and that you made your own adorable necklace. 🙂 Sorry to hear the students had indoor recess ALL week. We were stuck inside for just one day, and that was bad enough for them!



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